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The Verdict is In

Tuesday September 07, 2004

I finally received my copies of Bounce Magazine #1, and I have to say they look really awesome. The layout of the book is really professional. The stories skip between artists without any notice, but that's only a minor detail. The art styles really range greatly from humor strips about fuzzy little animals to dark manga-horror. I was really impressed with most of the stories and strips that were in the mag. I went back and re-read a couple of the stories. For me, this is also a learning experience. The Legends pages looked somewhat different translated from the computer screen to the printed page. Not anything really noticeable, but there are things I could have done differently to improve. Now, I'm trying to beat the mid-September deadline for issue 2.

Bounce This Anthology Into Your Collection!

Tuesday August 17, 2004

Right when you thought things couldn't get any better, and Jessica Simpson couldn't say anything stupid enough to make you feel any better about yourself...The Bounce Comics Anthology is printed! Copies are now available only online at the Bounce Comics web page. It features 24 entries from comics and webcomics authors from all over the world. Legends will appear in the first 5 issues of Bounce Magazine, so go to the website now and pick yourself up a copy!

The Stickers Have Landed

Thursday August 12, 2004

As you've probably already noticed by the links at the top of the page, the new Legends stickers are finally here. Go to the Legends Store to order!!

Working, Working, Working

Friday July 23, 2004

I though I'd do an update for the first time in centuries. I'm still working on part 2 of "Generation's Dawning" between work, sleep, and spanking my daughter.It's funny how when a kid hits 2 years old, something clicks in their brain to make them want to cause destruction on a massive scale, discarding the needs of the many for the needs of the few (themselves!).
     I also got a new DVD player that plays Divx, so I've been making tons of movies to play on it, so I've also been drawn into that for a couple hours a day. Perhaps I need to hire a gopher to do everything I don't have time to do, like taking out the trash, selling my stuff on ebay, eating...important stuff. If you're interested in filling the position with no pay and tons of stuff to do, let me know!

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Friday June 25, 2004
  • The new press release about Legends' appearance in Bounce Magazine is now available here.

Legends Stickers in the Making

Saturday June 19, 2004

I can't say I've done a lot of work on any new pages lately, but I can say that I have two stickers that are in the works right now, and will be available for purchase online. I had a dream last night that I was watching TV, and during a commercial break, it said at 9:00, "Legends" would be coming on. Hmm. I wondered what kind of show other than one about my comic would use the name. I waited through some other show just to watch it, and then, I see Little Wolf's head come up from the bottom of the screen, and the camera pulls back to show him riding some kind of flying snowboard, as he emerges from a bunch of clouds. Behind him, a Lobathian girl rides a flying jet-ski type bike, and two small creatures hover behind them on flying discs. They come upon a futuristic city, as an upbeat tune plays in the background. I was like, oh man, this is my dream! My creation is an animated series!! Yeah! Then, I woke up, and realized it never happened, and my dreams were crushed. ARGH!

I'm too old to be doing comics!!

Wednesday June 16, 2004

Happy Birthday to me!! Yes, today is my birthday. I turned 27 today, and I feel like an old, old man. I feel like I should be writing the Great American Novel, or directing a high budget Legends film. People don't take you seriously when you say you write comics. Some people, that is. I rather enjoy it, though. I have complete creative control, I don't have a big-time producer breathing down my neck, and oh, yeah-- I don't get paid the big bucks. Oh, well. Who cares though, right? As long as I'm happy. I wouldn't mind bringing home mad cash. But, hey- maybe some day. I'm having a blast writing Legends, so here's to another year...until I turn 28. Man, that's a downer.

bzzt! Incoming Message. News announcement. doot doot doot doot doot (this is the product of not having sound effects. deal with it.)

Wednesday May 19, 2004

And, another update today! This one will be short, though. I have updated the downloads section so you don't have to unzip the files (I said files, not flies!) to set the pictures as your desktop. Also, I set up my comics page so that I now accept Paypal as an alternate payment method! Yay!! Come on, it's my birthday. Buy some comics or donate or something. And, one last thing. I am getting Legends stickers made! Another yay! They will be available in approx. 2-8 weeks, so expect to be able to purchase them here at soon! Go me, it's my birthday, it's my birthday... What're you looking at, anyway?

Do You Smell the Smell of Victory?

Saturday May 15, 2004

Aw, yeah. I got all 6 pages finished right on schedule, and Legends will be included in the first volume of the first issue, which will be released as two separate volumes at first, and then as one complete volume. The word is that the date currently slated for release is around September. "Can you feel the power?" "Oh, yeah...I can feel it." ^__^

"Could You Just Finish the Pages...Please?"

Monday May 10, 2004

Time is flying by, and I'm almost finished with part 1 of "Generation's Dawning!" The deadline is the end of May, so I've been really busy, being unable to post an update in a while. I'm really excited about the release of Bounce Magazine #1, which will include the first 6-page installment of "Legends: Generation's Dawning." I think it goes on sale in July or August, available online only. The story follows Little Wolf's father, Altimus, back in the days of the Realmwalkers, and it tells about how their existence came to an abrupt end. I've been experimenting with grayscale tones to make the pages look a little flashier, so it's taken me a little bit longer than expected, but it's not near as tedious as working with color. I don't know how those colorist bastiches keep any kind of schedule. It takes me hours and hours and hours of non-stop, late night, drooling work just to digitally color one page. I guess that's why I never became a colorist.

"Generation's Dawning" Pages in the Works

Monday May 03, 2004

I'm still working on the first set of Bounce anthology pages, so I expect to have them fully inked maybe by the end of the week. I have been doing some crazy spring cleaning around the house, so it's been kind of slow going getting it done. I'm experimenting with some shading techniques (like in today's preview art), so I plan on going over the pages digitally after they're finished and adding more depth. Check back soon, I will be posting some "Generation's Dawning" preview art in a few days.

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