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    Comics and Technology: Finding Direction in a Technological Age

    Up until the last 15 years or so, if you were a comic book fan, if you wanted to buy comics, you would go to the comic shop or book store, period. Other than the Ultraverse foray into really expensive CD comics, there really was no electronic form of comics readily available. This worked out fine 15 years ago, but today, webcomics are as abundant...

    R U Ready? Wed Sep 29 2010
    There haven't been many updates lately mainly because of other things needing attention, but there is a list in progress of things that need to be done to the site to make your job as a webcomics author easier. Hopefully all the items in the list will get done eventually, but each item needs to be prioritized because there are so many things yet to be done. Check out this forum post and reply if you want to help decide what comes next on Comic Domination: Click here for the post!
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