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    Comics and Technology: Finding Direction in a Technological Age

    Up until the last 15 years or so, if you were a comic book fan, if you wanted to buy comics, you would go to the comic shop or book store, period. Other than the Ultraverse foray into really expensive CD comics, there really was no electronic form of comics readily available. This worked out fine 15 years ago, but today, webcomics are as abundant...

    Uploading Via FTP and Your Control Panel - A Webcomic Publisher's Guide to Comic Domination ;)


    After you have registered on Comic Domination and have a comic approved and ready to publish, the first step is to upload some files. The main goal of the Comic Domination website is for you, the user, to be able to use your Control Panel for everything, including uploading your pages. At the time of this writing, the best method of uploading mass amounts of files to your comic's directory would be by FTP (or file transfer protocol). If you don't have a good FTP program, check out Filezilla. You may also transfer files to your folders on Comic Domination by logging into your Control Panel and visiting the "upload" link under the comic you want to upload a page for. You can publish more than one comic series on Comic Domination, but if you do you will need to keep up with separate passwords because each one will have an FTP account associated with it.

    Using FTP - Important!

    The FTP mode you will use when logging into your FTP program is FTPES! This is the only setting that will work with the server. When your comic is first approved for inclusion, you will receive an email with your log in information (username, password, etc.) Enter this information into your program, choosing "normal" login, using your username, and the FTP password you chose when registering your comic. You don't need to input a port number. When all of your information is correctly inputted, save the new connection, and connect!

    Working with Folders

    So now, we're logged on and ready to view our files. When you first log in to your account, you will see one main folder, "/public_html/". When you open this folder, you will see several other folders, including "comics", "css", "images", "templates", "thumb", and "unpublished." Each of these (other than "css") has an actual purpose. If you plan to use your site only to publish your own .html files and images, and not to publish comics using the Control Panel, you may delete these without any repercussions. Your uploaded files will stay intact, etc. But, if you plan to use your Control Panel to upload files, and publish them dynamically, I wouldn't recommend deleting these folders. The reason I say that is because when you visit your control panel, the built-in Comic Engine does a check to see if these folders are there. If not, it will create them again. If you previously had uploaded some comics to the "unpublished" or "comics" folders, when you visit the control panel, the Comic Engine will automatically detect them adding them to the database, published or not, and store information about them so that you don't have to manually upload them from the website. So to recap, you have several publishing options to make your life easier as a webcomic creator:

    a.) Upload a bunch of files via FTP and visit your Control Panel to dynamically publish your files.
    b.) Visit your Control Panel and dynamically both upload and publish your files using the web address to access your comic.
    c.) Only upload via FTP to publish your own files and file structure, using your web address.
    d.) Use the Control Panel to dynamically publish your comics AND separately upload an index.html file and file structure to use your web address.

    Note: The "css" file folder is there for organizational purposes only, in case you want to store your css files there.

    Note: When linking to your comic, you don't need to use "/public_html/" as part of the link. Your website is set up to propagate at (to access your index.html, index.htm, or similar file) OR (which, if you've uploaded some pages to the "published" folder, and visited the "publish" link in your control panel [more on this later], this page will display your comic in a standard template which can be further customized if you want.)

    So, now you are all set to upload some files and get started publishing comics on Comic Domination. Remember to post any questions you have in the Support Forums.
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