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    Comics and Technology: Finding Direction in a Technological Age

    Up until the last 15 years or so, if you were a comic book fan, if you wanted to buy comics, you would go to the comic shop or book store, period. Other than the Ultraverse foray into really expensive CD comics, there really was no electronic form of comics readily available. This worked out fine 15 years ago, but today, webcomics are as abundant...

    eComics Overview
    The eComics section is still a fledgling project, but if you want to dazzle your friends with some free ebooks, feel free to mess around with the eComics publisher feature of your Comic Domination account.

    1. Upload To create your eComics, you must use pages that have already been uploaded to your account (via FTP or by using the "Upload" link for your comic in your Control Panel).

    2. Create a New eComics File Under your Control Panel, go to your comic's "eComics" link in your Control Panel. Click on "New File" in the eComics menu bar at the top of the page, then enter a name for your eComic in the form that is shown. Note that this will be the file name and the name displayed when it is shown on the eComics main page.

    3. Enter eComic info: After submitting the file name, you will be taken through the steps to enter all the relevant information for your eComic, including a price, the author's name, a "grabber" image, description, and editorial text if desired. Also not that you cannot publish your eComic unless it has a price. If you want to give it away as a promotion, or as a sample, you can put in 0, 0.00, or "free."

    4. Publish: After you input all the eComic information and save your file, the "publish" button will be functional. Once your file has been published, it will appear in the eComics sales section of the website.

    Getting Paid

    Set your price: You set your own price for all the comics you publish on Comic Domination. We suggest you look at other comics on Comic Domination, and on other ebook sites to get an idea of what you should charge. Just keep in mind the payment processing fees (explained below) when setting your price. (Minimum price is $0.50 to cover processing fees.)

    Get Paid: Before you receive payment, be sure that your email address entered on the info page is the same one that you use to receive payments through Paypal. If not, make sure to update it as soon as possible.

    Profit Splits: You keep 70% of the profits, profits being defined as all money made after deducting payment processing fees set by the payment processing company (currently set at 2.9% + $0.30 USD.) Example: Your comic sells for $1.99. Payment processing fees are $.06 + $0.30 = $0.36. Deduct payment fees ($1.99 - $0.36 = $1.63) So, the total profit is $1.63. You would keep $1.14 (70% of $1.63).

    Payments: Once you have accumulated $20 in profits from eComics sales, you will be eligible to receive payment from Comic Domination. Payments will be paid out quarterly. Note: A Paypal account is required to receive payment.

    Rights: All rights to the eComics produced on this site remain the author's, so long as it isn't changed (i.e. the advertisement in the back isn't removed.) The copyright to the story material remains yours, and the Comic Domination logo, the advertisement, etc, remains property of Singed Tentacle Productions. The only gain we get is the profit made on the Comic Domination website.
    © Copyright 2018 Singed Tentacle Productions. All rights reserved.