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    Comics and Technology: Finding Direction in a Technological Age

    Up until the last 15 years or so, if you were a comic book fan, if you wanted to buy comics, you would go to the comic shop or book store, period. Other than the Ultraverse foray into really expensive CD comics, there really was no electronic form of comics readily available. This worked out fine 15 years ago, but today, webcomics are as abundant...

    New User's Guide
    So you just joined, and you're wondering what you can do with your Comic Domination account. In general, Comic Domination brings webcomic publishers with webcomic readers in one place in a community-like setting where everyone can track activity from their favorite comics and users whenever something interesting happens. Here, I will show you a few of the things you might want to do upon first signing up.

    1. Update your information. When browsing comic pages and users' profiles, keep in mind at some point you may interact with other users, somewhat like a social networking site. When users see your profile, why not share with others some of your likes and dislikes? You never know, you may make a friend or two. To update your information, follow these steps:

    a. Sign in to your account by clicking on the login link at the top of the page. Once logged in, click the Control Panel tab. Go There ->
    b. Go to the "user info" page by clicking either the "user info" link in the control panel submenu, or the "update information" link in the left hand column of the main control panel page.

    c. Input your information to be displayed when other users click on your profile. Here you can choose whether to receive emails when certain events happen, personal information (optional), and your likes and interests.Go There ->

    2. Update your avatar. A good avatar goes a long way. It is what identifies you and links you visually to your profile. To upload an avatar to your profile, first sign in and go to your control panel. Click the "Update Avatar" link in the submenu. On the upload screen, click "browse" to find a suitable pic to be used as your profile's icon. Click "Upload Avatar." Click the "Set" button underneath the avatar you wish to use as your profile picture, and you're done!

    3. Get some comics. The driving force behind Comic Domination is the comics. You can connect with your favorite webcomic creators by clicking on the "Comics" tab. Go There ->

    Here, you will find comics categorized by the most recent pages. Here, you can explore all the comics available on Comic Domination. Once you find a series you like, the fun begins. One way to keep up with your favorite comic series on Comic Domination is to add them to your favorites. This way, checking what's up with your favorite series is just a click or two away. After you find a comic to read, and you want to add it to your favorites, look for the series' information box on the comic page, either in the left hand column, or the right hand column, depending on how the publisher has the page laid out. Now, look for a link that says "Add [comic] to Favorites."
    When you click this, you will be taken to a page confirming the series was added to your favorites. To view your favorites, click the "My Favorites" tab at the top of the page. You can also leave comments, rate webcomics, and more while viewing a comic page or comic strip. Check the help files for more information on these topics.

    4. Make some friends. When you visit the main page, you will see a "User Updates" box that shows recent activity from other users, such as comments, recent status updates, and more. Go There ->

    It is easy to track a user's activity if you find someone with similar interests. Just visit the user's profile by clicking on their username.

    There you can click on "Track Status and Updates" to watch the user's comments and activity on the main page in your Control Panel.

    Hopefully this gives you some idea of how to navigate the online comics on Comic Domination. By now, you should be able to sign in to view your control panel, update your profile information, add an avatar, navigate webcomics, and track comments and updates from other users. These are but a few of the features available to users who sign up. But, these are just the basics. Sign in to explore all of your options as a reader, or if you want, as a publisher! Memberships on Comic Domination don't cost anything, and all the features are available free. If you haven't signed up yet, follow this link to be able to use all the tools available as a reader and/or a publisher. New features are added all the time, so check the help files for more as they are developed.
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