The Unthinkable Hybrid

It is 1956. Betty Jo Carlson and her little brother, Johnny, have discovered an atomic monster dwelling in the lonely desert canyon outside their small, southern California town. Along with their friend, Skip Walters, and the curmudgeonly Professor Willoughby, the Carlson kids try to keep the monster out of trouble as they navigate the unforgiving world of Cold War America.
By: V.F. Wyler
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Posted on Tuesday Dec 14, 2010 by singedtentacle
I like the way you mention the energy situation. Seems like the gov't. would try and find a NEW source of energy (renewable energies) but I think their pockets are a little too deep, and the oil companies' wallets are a little too big. Oh well, enough rantin', back to the comic! :) If only Professor Willoughby were around to help out the country!
Posted on Tuesday Dec 21, 2010 by vwyler
New energy seems like a no-brainer goal to me. ;)
Posted on Tuesday Dec 21, 2010 by vwyler
To clarify, I mean we need to be working on it really hard. We can't depend on oil forever.
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