The Magic Club

Chiako is a lonely girl with no friends. Her parents moved around a lot because of their job. On her first day at her new school, she found a group of 3 people who asked her to join them. At first, she refused, but, they keep on asking her to join them. So, she gave up and joined the club. Turns out that all the group member has magic powers, including Chiako! The reason that the 3 people(Hinata, Ichiru, and Ryuzaki) ask her to join their group is because soon there's a competition for young magic users that are born in the human world so that they can go to a magic school in the magic world. How will Chiako, the quiet girl handle all this magic thing? And will she actually agree with Hinata, Ichiru, and Ryuzaki?? And will they win the competition?
By: RimiRin
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Posted on Wednesday Jul 24, 2013 by jessiecohnttt
Is it okay if I write about my own magic club in my The Weirdland Story comics I am currently working on? Author is Jessie L. Cohn. Http:// someday to exist.
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