plutonium casserole

Autobio diary comic about my life as computer geek and comic artist. Styles will vary. Updates about once a week.
By: stuart b.
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Posted on Sunday Jan 15, 2012 by plutonium678
Hey everybody. This is my first time publishing on CD. I find the process limited and not easy for a newbie to understand. So, your going to find chapters and comics mismatched or missing until I can figure it out. I should have taken it slower. Thanks for reading anyway, Stu.
Posted on Saturday Mar 03, 2012 by singedtentacle
I realize a lot of the CD system is hard to use. I actually worked for months on the system to make it more user friendly but I was still learning PHP when I started it, so it didn't turn out as easy to use as I would have liked. I hope to update it sometime in the future, but redesigning the system could mean hundreds of man hours, which means me-hours :) I will have to migrate the system over to my dedicated server here in a month or two, so maybe I'll have some time to work on it then. I am also working on a time capsule site which will be really cool, so I guess I will see what I can do. Anyway, let me know if there is something in particular you would like to see fixed, and I will keep it in mind. --J.T.
Posted on Tuesday Mar 06, 2012 by plutonium678
Thank you for your reply. I have since gotten the hang of the quirks of the system better. I do my own share of programming and can sympathize with a site re-design.
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