ANTI-HERO: The Product of us. By Steve Cobb. Year: 2034. Characters: Anti-Hero/Davis McClain. Age: 29 Davis has had it hard growing up an orphan and loosing his closest friends in combat during the third war. He lives in a small hole in the wall place with his one surviving friend, Meko who is currently addicted to crack cocaine. Anti/Davis supports himself and friend Meko by scrapping metal, a more common job in the future. In Davis’s free time he stalks the night looking for opportunities to further gain profit by theft or other criminal activities. He keeps to himself mostly and has a tendency for strong violence towards those he believes deserves it most. He has an overall hateful attitude and despises his new government and feels soldiers are being used more for control over populations and less for defensive purposes. He has a burning desire for causing havoc and disrupting this order by sabotage. (Blowing stuff up) Deep down Anti/Davis has a tiny soft spot and can’t help but get himself into situations that benefit others. This will build up more and more. Anti/Davis is a former highly trained Army Ranger for nine years. His specialty is hand-to-hand combat and explosives. He hates big brother and camera systems. Loves to wreck security systems for major corporations and just cause a bit of chaos. He’s not interested in becoming a hero, role model, or a figure for inspiration yet he will become all these things to many people along the way. He’s very clean and maintains order in his life. He struggles with his past and losing the only friends he’s know. James Meko Harrington: Age: 27 Meko Is a full-blown crack-head and Anti’s only friend. They stay in the same place and Meko has full knowledge of Anti’s extra curricular activities. This man also struggles with his life and past mistakes. He has a military disability and served under Anti/Davis during his time. He stays at home most of the time but is very open with his opinions to the new government. (He’s my comedy relief character) (Plot) I’m writing the book in stand-alone chapters. Each chapter has a beginning, middle and end. Some stories range from a few pages to fifteen or so pages. All chapters will have something to do with the new America but not all stories focus on the Anti-Hero/Davis character. Some stories will focus on the past to show how the world came to be this way, but I’m going to keep them flash short and a little mysterious. My main focus with this would be current events and maybe give the reader a chance to come up with their own idea of how things could turn so bad. The main character Anti-hero/Davis McClain starts out a man hell-bent on plotting bad things for the new government. His extra time is spent robbing the rich to pay his rent. He’s not much on giving it to the poor. He served in the military where he lost all but one of his soldiers in his squad due to a bad command by a higher up. He plots the assassination of this man who is now a well thought of senator back in the states. He attempts to kill him several times but always stopping at the moment of opportunity. The end of the story will be Anti killing this man with a bullet to the head. Snipers will shoot anti at the same time. (I’m thinking of the quickest draw here. Will he get the shot off in time type scenario.) He also finds himself helping people along the way, discovering how pure and honest his heart really is with each sacrifice he makes. I’m not really sure about his love interest at this point. Maybe he can find him a nice prostitute and build something from there. I could even kill her after that to make anti flip. (The Rules): 01: All firearms are illegal inside the U.S. and punishment is harsh. 02: Water must be purchased in advance and not on a credit basis. 03: The U.S. Government is under corporate control. Pharmaceutical companies set the new laws. (People with the most money) 04: Cuba, Mexico, and Canada have signed on with the United States to better protect themselves during the war but are now under U.S. control and subject to U.S. laws. 05: Immigration is not tolerated and deportation is a high concern and priority. Holding camps have been set up to better control the situation and deportation process. 06: South America is a wasted war zone. It’s home for many immigrants and people who do not want to be found. Small groups of really bad people handle this place. The U.S. deports many people here. The Panama Canal is a hot spot for confrontation and skirmishes. Anti will have to travel this at some point. 07: Monthly inspections of a citizens home is legal and practiced regularly. 08: The war draft is active. Seventeen is the legal age to join the armed forces. 09: You must apply for a curfew pass. All others must be in at a certain time (maybe midnight). Money can easily get you one of these. 09: The war has eliminated twenty-two percent of the earth’s populations. 10: The new government has legalized most drugs and narcotics that can be picked up at designated pharmacies. This is a tactic used by the government to ease the dismantling of the U.S. constitution. 11: Disease on all levels is a high concern and being to sick can be a bad thing. Contamination is usually quarantined and incinerated. Sexual diseases are also a more common problem. 12: Prostitution is legal. YES!! I would like to thank you all for your time and consideration. Steve Cobb “Can you hear the voices inside my head? What are they saying? Is it about me?
By: Steve Cobb
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Posted on Wednesday Jul 24, 2013 by jessiecohnttt
Great comic. Do not change a thing but please email Jessie L. Cohn someday will be from my comics
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